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Concurrent High School Students

Keyboarding / Computer Literacy - High School Students

These courses offer 2-1/2 and five credits toward elective, practical art, or computer tech requirements for high school graduation.  High school students must have a signed concurrent form from their high school.


Hours for Summer 2018:

Session 1:  June 11 - June 28

Session 2:  July 9 - July 26


M, T, W, Th

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Room 404


Credit Recovery 


We offer credit recovery classes for Simi Valley Unified School District students and Simi Valley residents. You must obtain a concurrent referral form signed by your home high school counselor or a school administrator to enroll. These classes are open to juniors and seniors only. 


Classes are FREE!


Registration:  Aug. 27 - Aug. 31


Concurrent class registration is offered in the fall, spring, and summer.


Fall 2018 Session Schedule:


Dates:  Sept. 4 - Dec. 19


M, W 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Room 404 Staff





T, Th 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm Room 404 Staff



Contact the Counseling Office in Room 402 for more information.

Courses Offered

All classes are 5 credits unless indicated otherwise.



English Elective/Writing Skills Refresher*

English Elective/Language Arts*

English Elective/Introduction to Literature*

Literature/English 9A

Literature/English 9B

Literature/English 10A

Literature/English 10B

Literature/English 11A

Literature/English 11B

Literature/English 12A

Literature/English 12B


Fine Arts

Fine Arts/Exploring Visual Art

Fine Arts/The Art of Floriculture

Fine Arts/The History of Art

Fine Arts/Humanities


Health Science




Math Elective/Math Proficiency Skills**

Math for Life/Life Skills Math

Consumer Math/Senior Consumer Math

Pre-Algebra A (5-10 credits)

Pre-Algebra B (5-10 credits)

Business Math

Math for Home Management/Personal Finance





Practical Arts

Computer Keyboarding***

Computer Applications***

Driver’s Ed (No concurrent enrollment)

Family Living

Parent Ed/Child Development

Parent Ed/Parenting



Biological Sciences

  • Biology 1A
  • Biology 1B

Physical Sciences 

  • Earth Science A
  • Earth Science B
  • Physical Science
  • Chemistry/ Basic Concepts
  • Chemistry of Foods I
  • Chemistry of Foods II


Social Studies


U. S. History I

U. S. History II

U. S. Government

World History I

World History II



Non-credit courses

Test Prep



* Elective only credit for credit recovery students.

** Not permitted for credit recovery math credit.

*** This class is held in the computer center.