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Instructor-Led Classes

Introduction to Computer Technology

For beginners, no computer experience required, learn the computer concepts of today. Basic hardware, file management, operating systems and software. Start your computer application training with a solid foundation.

Introduction to Photoshop

Learn to use the tools and techniques that make your images great. Through hands-on practice, learn how to easily select and manipulate image areas, create and use layers, correct pictures, and more.

Introduction to HTML

The core to all websites and web designs is HTML. Learn the basics of coding using the programming language and understand the logic in creating efficient websites. Prerequisite to CSS.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is a language for specifying how documents are presented to web users. This class takes you from “What is CSS?” to “Oh, I didn’t know that.” Understanding style sheets is a must for anyone designing a website. CSS allows the seamless page transitions allowing all the pages of your website to flow.


Do you have the most widely-used CAD tool in the industry - AutoCAD - at home or at your office?  Learn the power of this leading CAD software by signing up for this comprehensive lecture series and get all the knowledge you need to take this powerful tool to great heights.

introduction to wordpress

Learn the basics of how to create and edit web pages using the popular software WordPress.  This course takes you from initial set up to launching your first website.

mobile photography

This is an introductory course for individuals with smartphones, point-and-shoot cameras, and SLR cameras.  Students will learn how to frame a shot, principles of photography, and how to light a subject.  Adobe Lightroom software helps quickly edit and share photos.