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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Process

Simi Institute for Careers & Education firmly believes in the life changing power of an education.  Our "Career in a Year" programs offer students the fast track to a new career.  Internships, Externships and Apprenticeships help students make contacts with local employers.  To help students reach their goals while struggling financially,  Simi Institute has established a Scholarship Committee and accepts applications for Financial Aid to remove this barrier to success.  


If you are struggling financially, visit the counseling office for an application prior to enrolling in courses or paying any tuition or fees.  The counseling staff will listen to your need and guide you through the application process.


Once a student is determined to be eligible for one of our partner's scholarship option, funds from those options are applied to the eligible fee category, such as tuition, books, supplies, etc..  All awards are given through our Business Office.

Financial Aid Partners

Simi Institute for Careers & Education has many partners providing financial support for our students.  Thank you to the following organizations and individuals for sharing our vision of assisting students in meeting their career goals.

PathPoint Youth Networked Services  Financial awards incentives, and supportive services for employment and educational success that include gas cards/bus passes, supplies, clothes, and fees for youth ages 16-24 years old.

Jewish Free Loan Association         Interest-free loans.

Department of Rehabilitation         Tuition and vocational planning assistance - Individuals with disabilities.

America's Job Center of California   Tuition and vocational planning assistance - individuals who qualify for their programs.

Simi Institute Counseling Office, Room 402 - 805.579.6200, Ext. 1615  School scholarships