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Notary Examination

State Proctors will administer the CA State Notary Exam immediately following the class. The proctors will arrive promptly at 2:15 pm and students need to be present at that time. Only current attendees will be admitted to the examination. Passing the exam is the first step in the process toward becoming a commissioned Notary for the State of California.


To take the exam: The student must bring a valid driver’s license, ID card, passport or military ID card, a 2 x 2 color passport photo (which may be purchased in the classroom for $10 cash), and two #2 pencils. There will be a short lunch break and students should bring a sack lunch or snack.

Fall 2020

Please Note: Fall 2020 Notary Public and Notary Public Certified Loan Signing Specialist courses are canceled due to Covid-19 precautions.

Notary Classes

A notary public is an official who is authorized by law to act as an impartial witness to administer oats, witness the signing of documents, authenticate copies of documents, and deter fraud by verifying the identity of a person who signs a document.

California State Notary Public

One-day Saturday Class. Course provides new and previously-commissioned Notary with the education to pass the State examination and skills to be a successful Notary.  Exam immediately follows class at 2:15 p.m. and is administered by State Proctors.

Course Fees: $100 cash or credit card, plus $49 cash for materials (collected the day of the class by the instructor.  Includes Study Guide).

The student must bring:

Valid driver’s license, ID card, passport or military ID card; $49 cash for the Reference Guide, workbook and materials and, for the State proctored exam, a check or Money Order in the amount of $40 made payable to the “Secretary of State” (CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED).

Notary Public Certified Loan Signing Specialist

Loan and mortgage companies need trained and certified Notaries capable of dealing with the documents in a typical loan package. Just being a Notary Public is not good enough today. This class provides the working Notary with the duties and responsibilities of a “Loan Signing Specialist” and the knowledge and skills to deal with the multitude of documents in a typical loan package. With this training and certification you will be on your way to being a successful Loan Signing Specialist.

Course Fee:  $100 cash or credit card.

Materials Fee:  $49 cash only.  (Collected the day of the class by the instructor.  Includes Study Guide.)

Exam Fee:  $35 (optional).  The exam fee is made payable to "Master's Notary Academy."  Students who want certification are required to take and pass the take-home exam.

Date: TBD

Day: TBD

Time: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Room: 210

Prerequisite: Valid photo ID

Job Duties

Each notary service carries specific laws and regulations that determine what must be done, as well as what must not be done when carrying out official notarial services. In addition to notary acts that involve documents, a notary public is also authorized to administer oats/affirmations when requested.  The oat/affirmation is similar to taking an oath in court in that the person taking an oath/affirmation may be subject to criminal perjury penalties if it is found they didn't tell the truth.  


The duties of a California notary public are specifically defined by the California Secretary of State.


California has a need for notaries in a wide variety of professions, such as: law, insurance, finance, correctional institutes, travel agencies, and real estate - to name a few.  A notary can work from home or work for an employer.  Notaries can work part or full time, and can even combine notary services as a side job with another career.