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Teacher Directory

Adult Basic Education (ABE)
Contact Theresa Dowling  Theresa Dowling Teacher: Project Help
Contact Holly Gratke  Holly Gratke Teacher: ESL
Contact Theresa Smyres  Theresa Smyres Teacher: Adult Basic Education
Adult Secondary Education (ASE)
Contact Elva De Leon  Elva De Leon Instructional Aide: Academic Skills
Contact Rosanna Giordani-Clegg  Rosanna Giordani-Clegg Teacher: Academic Skills
Contact Tina MacCuish  Tina MacCuish Teacher: Adult Secondary Education
Contact Cindy Madden  Cindy Madden Teacher: Academic Skills
Contact Melissa Nickles  Melissa Nickles Teacher: Academic Skills
Contact Tamara Pugh  Tamara Pugh Teacher: Academic Skills
Contact Mary Rayta  Mary Rayta Instructional Aide: Academic Skills
Contact Heidi Svoboda  Heidi Svoboda Teacher: Academic Skills
Boating Safety
Contact Shayna Ledesma  Shayna Ledesma (805) 579-6200 ex: 1624 Assistant Principal
Business & Computer Technology
Contact Alla Bondar  Alla Bondar Instructional Aide: Business & Computers
Contact Virda Jo Combs  Virda Jo Combs Teacher: Business & Computer Technology
Contact Tara Leotaud  Tara Leotaud Instructional Aide: Business & Computers
Contact Joyce Moses  Joyce Moses Teacher: Business & Computer Technology
Contact Nancy Nibley  Nancy Nibley Teacher: Business & Computer Technology
Computer Graphics
Contact Carmen Beck  Carmen Beck Instructional Aide: Computer Graphics
Contact Gabriel Diaz  Gabriel Diaz Teacher: Computer Graphics
Contact Adam Lev  Adam Lev Teacher: Computer Graphics
Contact Justin Miller  Justin Miller Teacher: Computer Graphics
Contact Jennifer Ansaldo  Jennifer Ansaldo Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Katherine Duron-Williams  Katherine Duron-Williams Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Gabriela Feria  Gabriela Feria Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Theresa Garabedian  Theresa Garabedian Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Brooke Johnson  Brooke Johnson Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Nighat Khan  Nighat Khan Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Donald Knypstra  Donald Knypstra Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Deborah Lange  Deborah Lange Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Lorraine Langlois  Lorraine Langlois Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Camille Mann  Camille Mann Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Sonia Mejia  Sonia Mejia Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Felicity Neher  Felicity Neher Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Christina Partida  Christina Partida Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Sarina Siegel  Sarina Siegel Teacher: Cosmetology
Contact Crystal Yu  Crystal Yu Cosmetology
Contact Elena Jacquez  Elena Jacquez Teacher: Dental Assistant
Contact Olga Ramadan  Olga Ramadan Teacher: Dental Technology
English As a Second Language
Contact Suzanne Assadollahzadeh  Suzanne Assadollahzadeh Teacher: ESL
Contact Susan Burden  Susan Burden Instructional Aide: ESL
Contact Lily Chen  Lily Chen Instructional Aide: ESL
Contact Maria Eborn  Maria Eborn Teacher: ESL
Contact Holly Gratke  Holly Gratke Teacher: ESL
Contact Victoria Jones  Victoria Jones Teacher: ESL
Contact Eilene Marston  Eilene Marston Teacher: ESL
Contact Maria Martinez-Diez  Maria Martinez-Diez Teacher: ESL
Contact Chhaya Patel  Chhaya Patel Teacher: ESL
Contact Heidi Sigler  Heidi Sigler Teacher: ESL
Contact Sigrun Utash  Sigrun Utash Teacher: ESL
Contact Jaime Villa  Jaime Villa Teacher: ESL
Foreign Language
Contact Merry Gunn  Merry Gunn Teacher: Spanish in the Workplace
Health & Safety
Contact Diana Johnson  Diana Johnson Teacher: CPR
Contact Sterling Johnson  Sterling Johnson Teacher: EMT and CPR
Machine Technology
Contact Jerry Brum  Jerry Brum Teacher: Machine Technology
Contact Oygar Lindskog  Oygar Lindskog Teacher: Machine Technology
Contact Shawn Moran  Shawn Moran Teacher: Machine Technology
Contact Matthew Wooddy  Matthew Wooddy Instructional Aide: Machine Technology
Medical Careers
Contact Glenn Abbott  Glenn Abbott Teacher: ECG Technician
Contact Heather Blakemore  Heather Blakemore Teacher: Medical Assistant
Contact Lillian Brik-Malinskiy  Lillian Brik-Malinskiy Teacher: Respiratory Therapy
Contact Brenda Castro Lopez  Brenda Castro Lopez Teacher: Surgical Technology
Contact Kerry Clegg  Kerry Clegg Teacher: Respiratory Therapy
Contact Thomas Fitzsimmons  Thomas Fitzsimmons Teacher: Medical Insurance Billing
Contact Nataly Gallardo  Nataly Gallardo Teacher: Medical Assistant
Contact Edward Hernandez  Edward Hernandez Teacher: Respiratory Therapy
Contact Jennifer Hicks  Jennifer Hicks Teacher: Phlebotomy
Contact Rebecca Jeffrey  Rebecca Jeffrey Teacher: Respiratory Therapy
Contact Sterling Johnson  Sterling Johnson Teacher: EMT and CPR
Contact Beheshta Mahboob  Beheshta Mahboob Teacher: Pharmacy Technology
Contact Jennifer Mao  Jennifer Mao Teacher: Pharmacy Technology
Contact Timothy McGinley  Timothy McGinley Teacher: Medical Terminology
Contact Jeanne McIlravy  Jeanne McIlravy Teacher: CNA
Contact Peter Reonisto  Peter Reonisto Teacher: Respiratory Therapy
Contact Timothy Reonisto  Timothy Reonisto Teacher: Respiratory Therapy
Contact Jodai Saremi  Jodai Saremi Teacher: Surgical Technology
Contact Lorena Soria  Lorena Soria Teacher: CNA
Contact Lori Tabbert  Lori Tabbert Teacher: EMT
Contact Sandra Tinto-Singer  Sandra Tinto-Singer Teacher: Physical Therapy Aide
Motorcycle Rider
Contact Rick Becker  Rick Becker Teacher: Motocycle Rider
Parent & Child Programs
Contact Cheryl Burton  Cheryl Burton Teacher: Parent Education
Contact Margie Green  Margie Green Child Care Provider
Contact Michelle Kay  Michelle Kay Teacher: Parent Education
Contact Kim Vorgitch  Kim Vorgitch Teacher: Parent Education
Real Estate
Contact Dedree Hoyt  Dedree Hoyt Teacher: Real Estate
Contact Louis Almeida  Louis Almeida Teacher: Upholstery
Welding Technology
Contact Kevin Gordon  Kevin Gordon Instructional Aide: Welding
Contact Jesse Guzman  Jesse Guzman Teacher: Welding Technology
Contact Eduardo Ramirez  Eduardo Ramirez Teacher: Welding Technology
Contact Robert Rice  Robert Rice Teacher: Welding Technology
Contact Ryan Rosenberg  Ryan Rosenberg Instructional Aide: Welding
Contact Kevin Spangler  Kevin Spangler Teacher: Welding Technology