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Carmen Beck

(805)579-6200 x 1610

Please note

Simi Institute does not guarantee that these records can be provided. There are no refunds in the event records are not located. 

Transcripts - Cosmetology Programs

Cosmetologist, esthetician & manicurist Programs

Proof of Training (Transcripts) for 2003 - Present:

  • $5.00 for first copy
  • $3.00 for each additional copy

Proof of Training (Transcripts) before 2003 Require an Archive Search (see sidebar):

  • $20.00 for Archive Search AND $5.00 fee for the first Proof of Training = $25.00
  • $3.00 for each additional Proof of Training requested at the same time 

Proof of training verification

Archive Records request form (Graduates prior to 2003)

 Interested graduates must print, complete, sign, and return a request form for an Archived Records Search. Payment must also be in cash or money order and fees are indicated on said form. Verification letters are "official" and will be in a sealed envelope. Graduate will receive an "unofficial" copy for their files / records at no additional cost.